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SLGT Photo Project - http://slgtphotoproject.comHi! My name is Daisy May and I am the smartest, snarkiest, most fabulous Westie you will ever meet.

I live with my human family in Houston, Texas where the weather is hot but the squirrel hunting is ideal. I like to play with my dog family as often as possible, Giggs the Bassett Hound and Hidee the Weiner dog. They’re not as smart and fabulous as I am, but they share their toys so they’re alright by me!

My favorite hobbies include watching Animal Planet and Sunday morning soccer games with my family, chasing squirrels and lizards and going on walks around the lake.

I am a super model, and stay very busy dazzling the world with my fierce poses and impeccable hair-do. I hope you love the clothing and accessories on my website!